Mom’s Night Out Sewing Lessons

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Mom’s Night Out (MNO) is a studio sewing time for MOMS ONLY to get together and either learn how to sew or further their sewing skills in a fun. laid-back atmosphere.

Don’t miss out!  It’s held only on Mondays & Thursday evenings from June 4-June 25, 2015, 7-9pm. There will not be any more scheduled until next summer. Space is limited to only 4 moms as that is all the studio can accommodate at one time. Cost is a special pricing of  $15 for this 2 hour informative sewing session; priced esp. for moms who tend to spend all their lesson money on their kids!

Each session is a stand-alone laid back format; attend one or attend them all.  Weekly topics will depend upon those in attendance and what they want to learn. Demonstrations of Sewing Techniques, Discussion of common machine problems and how to use your specific machine are examples of topics covered. Machines and all other sewing equipment are provided; however some moms like to bring their own machine to learn how to specifically use it.

NOTE: By signing up for one MNO evening, you are only committed to that one event. If you would like to attend more than one, please sign up on the specific dates of the Mondays & Thursdays that you prefer.

Sign up by clicking on this link:  Register for MNO (Mom’s Night Out) Sewing Lessons