Website Design issues

">">">">">">">Seroquel 300mg Now I know why website designers can charge big bucks to design websites!  Over the past several weeks, I have literally spent countless hours trying to upgrade my 7 year old website to be one that is compatible with today’s website technology.  I do not have a computer background, so this is all through trial and error and researching the ‘net looking for ways to do this as easily and inexpensively as possible.  I want folks to be able to access camp/class descriptions and go through a registration process that is smooth and problem-free; all without costing me a small fortune, as I do not want to charge more for classes in order to cover website expenses!  I think I have finally got my information entered correctly.  I’m going to take a day or so to test my information before announcing that registration has gone live!  I will post as soon as I have all the kinks worked out.  Thanks for your patience.

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